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Driven by values and founded on strong business ethics, Levitate Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is passionate about efficiently and effectively solving technical problems of the end-user. We are a full service strategic alliance for the client who is looking for any kind of web services. Our mission is to provide customized and usable solutions to our client, by maximizing the return on their investment.Our business insight, years of experience, and unparalleled cutting edge knowledge of web technology will lead your business to new horizons of expansion. Our research department is eager to accept new challenges, and our support department thrives on surpassing client expectations by providing the best after sale support available.

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  • Effective Ecommerce strategies

    Ecommerce website is an online store where both buyers and sellers come together and do trade by buying and selling goods. Ecommerce is a biggest online store open to all trade globally. Ecommerce website generates numbers of potential buyers that will be coming from the web. In market there are numbers of competitors standing and ecommerce stand you out of the crowd with unique personality. Apart more
  • Ways to make your site for mobile capability

    Since 2010 it has been seen that mobile searches have increased around 400%. Mobile users are increasing day by day which insist mobile companies to launch more featured smartphones. Today you can find more mobile users rather than desktop users. By seeing the interest of people mobile companies are inventing new smartphones and tablets. Do you know why mobile users are increasing? Today everyone more
  • How to use pinterest for your e-commerce website?

    Social Media websites are in great demand these days. Over there you can find millions of youths connecting with each other. Today youth love to sit in front of their PC and working on internet more than playing outdoor games. Social networking websites are like their second home for them. Websites like Facebook, Orkut, and Twitter are quite popular. Nowadays pinterest also serve its hands towards more
  • Key SEO strategies in 2013

    In 2013 SEO strategies has changed. As the time is changing SEO has also changed its strategies. Now the marketers should keep new strategies in their mind while marketing any product. Google's algorithms continuously evolve, and keyword ranking isn't necessarily the most important metric anymore. more
  • Survival of SEO in 2013

    Trend is changing day by day whether it is product, business or any other strategy. SEO is a biggest thing for businessmen. It helps in promoting your business brand. It's no secret in the SEO world that Google's recent Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. SEO brought an update for you for 2013. It has been seen that 2012 was rough for SEO experts due to radical changes in Google's algorithms, inc more
  • How Social media helps in building relationship?

    Social media works in various areas. It is like a key of success for your business. Online business strategy social networking websites are the great way to keep in touch with return on investment. Relationship is also necessary to increase the graph of your business. It is extremely important to understand that if you are going to get anywhere with increasing your business's revenue, you need to more
  • Tips to increase your referral traffic

    If you are internet freak then you must know how important web traffic is? In today's times maximum businesses engaged in internet to promote their business and increase traffic on their site. Apart from business promotion maximum web traffic means more chances of making money online. Mostly people engage in online business to make money by increasing web traffic apart from business earning. more
  • Future of Internet Marketing

    In this electronic world internet marketing is like a necessity for businessmen. Today millions of people are using internet as their prior communication mode which give great rise to the internet marketing. Internet marketing is a cost effective medium of market your business on large scale. It has been analysed that "Today 500 million people access Internet regularly in India and that is jump of more
  • Internet marketing strategies

    Internet marketing is the marketing of products and services with the medium of internet. It is done by the internet easily and the importance of internet marketing strategies is increased day by day with the growth and usage of internet. Internet marketing can attract more people to your website, increase customers for your business, and enhance branding of your company and products. more
  • How to market your product online?

    Time is changing day by day. Earlier people used to market their product through newspaper, television, pamphlets and other such modes but now internet absorbed the whole world. Today there are various online marketing techniques through which you can get numbers of customers. Most people know about search engine optimisation or at least have heard about search engine optimisation. Now the time is more
  • Why SEO?

    Search engine optimization is used to promote the website and business. It is the kind of online advertisement that saves your thousands of dollars in manual advertisement. The purpose of search engine optimization is to improve web traffic to your website and give higher ranking so that it'll come on the first page of Google. There are some quick features of SEO. Search engine optimization inc more
  • 5 Tips to Get More Out of Your Search Ad Campaign

    Google has already showed in his recent studies that advertisement is related to SEO somehow. For making your advertisement campaign successful internet plays vast role. To get more leads it is important to optimize your product or brand in every area of optimization. Nowadays percentage of optimization is getting and higher so start thinking about more ways to improve your campaign. Also make you more
  • Adwords vs adcenter

    Both Adwords and Adcenter are the greatest PPC techniques. But adcenter is rarely used by people while optimising any product or brand. Today we are here to clear out some myths which show adcenter is better than adwords. Google adwords and Microsoft adcenter differentiate each other quite negligible. The difference is between both search engines and user behaviour. If we talk about Google adw more
  • Which web hosting you should choose?

    Web hosting is the service provided by different companies and it allows you to host your business website online. With the help of this service you can store your data and files in the given web space. You can also get free web space from different websites but it will not prove good if you want to make a business website professionally. Nowadays there are different types of web hosting services more
  • Disadvantages of free web hosting

    Web hosting is really helpful in running up your business on wide scale. In market there are different types of web hosting plans available. If you are looking for cheap web hosting plan then you can also avail that one too. For cheap web hosting free web hosting is best but with some advantages, disadvantages are also there. Free web hosting is good for small business websites, personal websites more
  • How to increase your domain authority?

    Domain authority is the very important part of search engine ranking. With the help of domain authority you can check out that how many quality links refer to your site and how they are linked. It not only matter quantity but also quality. For increasing domain authority organic traffic is quite necessary. It is also necessary for content optimisation and proper link building. For increasing domai more
  • How web hosting affect your ranking?

    Search engine optimization is quite necessary to run any business. SEO grabs traffic to your website and buyers increased. SEO can be done in various forms which a SEO expert knows better than a web designer but the question is there any correlation between web hosting and search engine rankings? Does web hosting affect your site ranking? Yes of course! Web hosting can surely affect your site r more

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