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One of our clients is in an internal argument with his IT department as to whether Web development projects should be outsourced to a company like ours or performed in-house by IT. To help him win his argument, I compiled this list of reasons why outsourcing Web design and development is advantageous:

Competitive Environment
Because of the highly competitive nature of the Web development industry, Web development firms must perform at a very high level at all times in order to keep their clients satisfied. This constant pressure to succeed, which produces outstanding results on client projects, rarely exists amongst in-house IT or marketing staff.

Cost Savings
As you only pay for time used; outsourcing Web development frequently results in significant savings.

Economies of Scale In-house IT and marketing teams are frequently backed up and projects progress slowly. A professional Web development firm will have the resources to start projects immediately and complete them quickly.

Better Service Quality
As Web development is handled on a client/service provider basis, service tends to be better than that provided by in-house staff.

More Experience
Top professional Web development firms have an entire team of experts who offer vast experience and expertise.

Fresh Perspective
Working with an outside Web development firm can provide fresh perspectives and new ideas which can ultimately enhance your marketing message and functionality.

Keeping Up to Date
Technology changes rapidly, and top professional Web development firms have greater appreciation of Web technology developments and can determine which emerging technologies can be beneficial to your company.

Subject Matter Experts
Top professional Web development firms have a variety of specialists in important niches such as usability, information architecture, accessibility, etc.

Better Risk Management
Risks are reduced as the Web development partner will have prior knowledge and experience on projects and only offer proven working solutions. Not only will they have more real world experience, but they will also be better at mitigating the risks involved in handling delicate tasks like upgrades and security management.

Professional Project Management
Top professional Web development firms will provide an experienced Project Manager to oversee your project and ensure it is completed on time and within budget.

Less Bureaucracy
Web development projects, when outsourced, generally won't go off track or get derailed due to internal politics or conflicting IT priorities.

Training Services
For projects that must be handled in-house, top professional Web development companies can assist in training staff to ensure they have the appropriate skills as well as developing best practice standards for them to follow.

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