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Adwords vs adcenter

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Adwords vs adcenter

Deepika Singh Internet Marketing

Both Adwords and Adcenter are the greatest PPC techniques. But adcenter is rarely used by people while optimising any product or brand. Today we are here to clear out some myths which show adcenter is better than adwords.


Google adwords and Microsoft adcenter differentiate each other quite negligible. The difference is between both search engines and user behaviour. If we talk about Google adwords then it grasp more traffic as there are millions of Google users worldwide. And there are fewer user of Microsolft adcenter.


It is true that Google adwords has the biggest market share and is seen by the most eyes as pay per click technique and as money earning method. Most of the people use it because of their laziness but they don't know Google adwords cost spindles on your quality score. The lower your score, the more it costs which is seen rarely.  But people know the value of advertising offered by Google adwords. There are 70% Google users worldwide, see!


In the race of search engines now Bing and Yahoo also going to complete. Our research showed that Bing and Yahoo now have 27% users which were quite low before. Microsoft adcenter proves cheaper than Google adwords. Microsoft Adcenter has no Quality Score that means less penalties and less weight put on the keyword level of your campaigns. There are different ways by which Microsoft adcenter comes out superior than Google adwords. Now Microsoft powers all their searches in Bing and Yahoo and on upcoming demands users on adcenter is growing especially who are new at the platform.


To grasp more and more traffic and cool report make sure that your setting will be "Negative Keywords Conflict Report". In Microsoft ad centre you can share voice report which makes adcenter superior than Google adwords. To share and to get all info create new account which your unit of time to 'Day', and select all of the various impression share metrics from the 'Performance Statistics' menu.


When it comes to search partners, Google adwords have only two choices i.e. 'Google only' or 'Google and Search Partners'. But when we talk about adcenter then it separates search partner from Bing and Yahoo in order to set your CPCs. It makes good control over the strategy and makes much easier to optimize for ROI. There is a minor point good to notice adcenter set your monthly budget and save your money. If you are working on daily basis then February month will save your money. It is searched that adcenter get most of the traffic from US. It is also analysed that keyword bidding is also not so expensive as compared to Google adword so the cost per click is also low. In Microsoft adcenter ROI is quite high as compared to Google adword because of quality traffic.


These are few ways which makes adcenter superior than adwords so don't be lazy and always try to use which suits you in every context. 

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