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How to market your product online?

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How to market your product online?

Deepika Singh Internet Marketing

Time is changing day by day. Earlier people used to market their product through newspaper, television, pamphlets and other such modes but now internet absorbed the whole world. Today there are various online marketing techniques through which you can get numbers of customers. Most people know about search engine optimization or at least have heard about search engine optimization. Now the time is to work on. Only search engines are not enough you should also optimize your product on different ways.


To market your product and to drive traffic there are various methods mentioned below:


Social Networking

Social networking websites are quite popular these days. You can check thousands of teens connected with social network over websites like Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, LinkedIn and many others. You can take advantage of social networking by advertising your business or services on the social networks. Every social media website offers different applications which can help in driving traffic to your website.


Social News

On web you can check news website which rate and market news articles that submitted to the network. News websites are community based sites. Few news websites are Slashdot, Fark, Digg, reddit and Wirkio. Check these out.


Online favourite and bookmarking

The book marking services are just the same as the favourites folder in your browser. Only the difference is that if your computer crashes you will not lose your data as it is uploaded online. If you see other benefits then these online links can be categories and tagged making them search able. With the help of these bookmarks people can search you easily. Two bookmarking websites are Ma.gnolia and delicious.


RSS Feeds

RSS means Real Simple Syndication. RSS Feeds push news articles and site updates out to all of the site's subscribers. On the other hand RSS delivers news directly to the user's desktop or news reader where the user and check for updates as they happen. You can use RSS Feeds from FeedBurner.



Blogging is quite popular these days. To market your products easily start doing blogging. Blogs are informative so make sure that the content you are posting on your blog should be informative. Having a blog to promote your main site or content is a fantastic way to build traffic.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is quite common. This way is good technique to build traffic on your website. It will also ensure that the people that you are sending email to actually want your email.


These are few online marketing techniques which helps you in optimizing you product and services.

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