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Disadvantages of free web hosting

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Disadvantages of free web hosting

Deepika Singh Web Hosting

Web hosting is really helpful in running up your business on wide scale. In market there are different types of web hosting plans available. If you are looking for cheap web hosting plan then you can also avail that one too. For cheap web hosting free web hosting is best but with some advantages, disadvantages are also there. Free web hosting is good for small business websites, personal websites or website for hobby.


In free web hosting you cannot avail a domain name with your own wish. The free web hosting will provide you a free domain name like To get your own custom domain for your website you need to choose paid hosting. Free hosting doesn't offer unlimited disc space. You can't add files up to a certain limit. After that you have to upgrade to host more files. To host more files you need to host on other places and it then gets very difficult to run the website with their files hosted on different places. Free web hosting companies includes many ads to your website. They may be banner or popup ads without your wish. This advertisement irritates the visitor and you may lose some of your blog traffic. Free web hosting companies also don't allow you to add your own advertisement in your website. Last but not the least, the customer support of free web hosting companies is also not good. You have to wait for long to get the solution of your problem. Good customer support is something which is really necessary for everyone. 

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