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How web hosting affect your ranking?

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How web hosting affect your ranking?

Deepika Singh Web Hosting

Search engine optimization is quite necessary to run any business. SEO grabs traffic to your website and buyers increased. SEO can be done in various forms which a SEO expert knows better than a web designer but the question is there any correlation between web hosting and search engine rankings? Does web hosting affect your site ranking?


Yes of course! Web hosting can surely affect your site ranking. Apart from good and impressive content or stylish web design a good and reliable search of web hosting can increase your site disclosure in various search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN and many others. There are few factors mentioned below by which a web host can affect your site ranking. These factors will help you out in increasing the SEO of your site.


IP Address

There are various types of hosting plan. To get nice ranking you must avail dedicated IP address plan. This plan is little expensive but work more than shared hosting plan. Dedicated IP address plan is more serious about handling web traffic. This plan proves much advantageous when it comes to SEO.


Continuous Hosting Time to Time

Update your web hosting plan time to time. Don't ever change your domain name and plan. If hosting discontinues then it will again take some time to grab visitors again.


Server Speed

Server speed matters a lot. Search engines itself look for websites having nice server speed. If your site take time to load pages then it only throw away the visitors. In April 2011, Google announced that it had updated its algorithm which uses to increase site speed. So always avail a reliable web host which give you high server speed.


Reputable web provider

A reputable web host provider also plays vital role in search engine ranking. Whenever any visitor searches out your site he always looks out that who is the web provider. Reputable web provider also increases search ability in search engines.


Server Location

Always make sure about server location targeted. If you are targeted to any specific country the always avail server according to that as it increases web traffic on your site.



These above are few points which you must remember white availing nay hosting and about a web hosting company. While availing web host always search out thoroughly about the plan. A reputed web host provider will be quite expensive but the return should be much profitable.

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